Friday, July 28, 2006

The Prototype: A Visual Conceptual Model for Students and Commuters on the KCRC West Rail Line

  • Students: An understanding of the relationships between distance and time on a public transport.
  • Commuters: A journey planner on the estimated time of arrivals.

(a) A Step-by-Step Guide to Making it Work

  1. Select a station from the 2 lines
  2. Click on β€œLet's Go!”
  3. Choose the time and date of travel
  4. Information of the results

(b) What More Needs to be Done

  1. Display the stations exactly the same as selected
  2. Adjust the information of results accordingly
  3. Distances between stations to be included in the information of results
  4. Fine tune on the user interface

Friday, July 14, 2006

Reflection (4) - Researching for Final Assignment

It is very easy to come up with ideas. However, to make those ideas into reality is another story. But then there is something in between that process – research.

After deciding on the type of learning object and story-board, the research process proves to be as complicated as using the tools, such as Flash to make it something real. It is during this process that I decided to abandon the idea of using the MTR as the idea behind my device.

Why? After extensive searching in the libraries, the Internet (including its homepage), I realised it was more convenient for me to gain the data I need from the KCR instead. Though some of the KCR data I wanted could not be found, but overall, it was more accessible.

Given the time limitation we have to complete this whole assignment, it would be better for me to concentrate the next stages of the task – evaluate story-board and develop prototype.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lesson Task: Final Assignment Story-board

1. Finding the distance (km) and estimated time of arrival (min) between any 2 MTR stations.

2. Choosing 2 MTR stations using interactive icons.

3. Then choose one DAY and one PERIOD.

4. Data on the distance (km) and estimated time of arrival (min) will be shown on the user interface.