Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reflection (3) - Digital Stories & Advertisements

While working through the story development process, I found timing the delivery of story to be the most difficult. In all advertisements, the timing is around 30 seconds only. If the intended message cannot be delivered within that period, the audience would lose interest in watching. However, when making my own story, keeping to the 30 seconds proved to be a challenging task.

I then realized the difference between a digital story and an advertisement… I was not trying to sell a product but to educate an audience on a topic. Typically, the aims of an advertisement can be summarized by the different stages of AIDA… awareness, interest, desire, action.

While an advertisement wants the audience to ultimately progress to the action stage (i.e. buying the product), a story would only stimulate the audience to reach just the interest stage (i.e. showing appreciation to story). With this in mind, I made the timing of the story longer to be acceptable because educating someone would require more patience and details given than an advertisement.

But see the following. Would you call it a story, an advertisement or something else?



At Mon Jun 19, 06:24:00 PM 2006, Blogger Daniel said...

Alan , good reflection and comparison. One key think about digital storytelling in education is that it is a strategy to allow student new forms of expression which support digital fluency (literacy of new media and technology) while continue with meeting the objectives of traditional literacy.


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